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Dear parents and students,

Very soon the school year of 2009 will be over. In the past year, weíve shared your growth and development together with great excitement. For those of you who are about to move on to the first grade or kindergarten, please, when you get a chance, donít forget to drop by to say hi to the teachers and friends here. We know we will miss you a lot. And of course, you are more than welcome to visit our website, drop us a few messages from time to time. We are eager to know how you are doing after leaving us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the parents who gave their continuous support for the two children through World Vision, Masumbuko from Tanzania East Africa, and Anakha from India Asia. By sponsoring these less-privileged children, we let our children learn that they are blessed to have food on the table, clean water to drink, a school to go to, and above all, loving parents to help and protect them along the way of their lives. Moreover, they should not only cherish what they already have, they should also extend their love to those who are in need. It is our hope that through the act of sponsoring others, our children can learn to have a kind hear and a global vision.

A few days ago we received a letter from World Vision informing us that Anakha is out of touch because of moving. We now are introduced a new child, Reiner Fantilagan from Philippines. Although itís sad to be out of touch with Anakha, we are also excited to meet our new friend Reiner. We expect to hear from him very soon, and of course, when we do, we will share with all our parents and students.

Wish you all have a great summer!





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